PowerDesigner Eliminates Data Inconsistencies and Deficiencies


The goal in this industry is to keep health care affordable by improving the members’ overall health, provide quality care to its members, and increase operational efficiency within the business. This presents a demanding challenge to the business of providing health care benefits that if managed appropriately can be rewarding for both its members, the business, and society. Managing this balance only comes from the business’ ability to administer the ever growing and changing health care pathways through a portfolio of health care choices provided to its members.


A nationwide health care benefits company serving millions of individual members daily.


The company was going through multiple mergers and acquisitions and was not able to provide a consistent view of their data due to inconsistencies and deficiencies in their current data modeling tool. Additionally, they wanted a tool that could provide a common framework into other modeling paradigms (i.e. Business Process and Application) once a consistent view of the data was achieved. The issues with their current tool were becoming costly to retrofit and unmanageable due to multiple workarounds which was resulting in longer project cycles and in essence no meta data management abilities.


After discussion and review of their current tool shortcomings and need to support multiple roles within a project solidified their need for PowerDesigner. This organization was asked to provide consistent views of all data both conceptually and physically. Then from these views describe and define data elements to model and enterprise data model, build common definitions for like elements and increase data quality thereby ensuring a successful merger and acquisition process and delivery of member benefits.


To service their members and ensure a cohesive data view they realized that PowerDesigner was the only modeling tool that could provide a single modeling environment that was flexible, scalable and usable. PowerDesigner’s Link and Synch technology would ensure bi-directional links across the multiple corporate entities to ensure consistent and usable models.


Sybase’s PowerDesigner provided a decrease in the time for completion of new projects over their previous disjointed modeling tools and increased data consistency. PowerDesigner also provided the customer with a single common technology to reduce tool maintenance and training costs, increase workforce flexibility and maximize tool investment.

  • Technology
  • Key Benefits
    • Increased data quality
    • Reduced data complexity
    • Successful Merger and Acquisition