The goal at COIG S.A. was to improve data management and increase business processes. By implementing Sybase IQ, COIG S.A. has improved query performance and storage efficiency across the enterprise.

The significant thing, among others, was that even without major adjustments of the model, we were able to achieve database queries that are 20-50 times faster

Romuald Gacka, New Technologies Development Senior Specialist, COIG S.A.

Business Advantage

Accenture used PowerDesigner to build a single data model and structure an international project team for a large French industrial group.

Key Benefits

  • Enables reverse engineering of a existing complex system
  • Creates of a single data model in compliance with deadlines and quality requirements
  • Extends reach beyond initial expectations to include decision-making projects using offshore resources


  • Sybase IQ Bullet Graphic
  • Sybase PowerDesigner
  • SQL Anywhere


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Oldest Polish IT Company

COIG S.A. (Centralny O?rodek Informatyki Górnictwa) is one of the oldest and largest Polish IT companies, employing 480 people and providing services to more than 400 customers from various sectors. It specializes in IT services for the mining industry.

New Data Warehouse

COIG S.A. was struggling with a dramatic increase in the volume of information and the related system slowdown. The solution to this problem was to implement a data warehouse.

A Partnership Solution

The following Sybase products were used during the project: SQL Anywhere, Sybase PowerDesigner and Sybase IQ. Technical documentation available from the Sybase website was also used extensively. COIG S.A. made the decision to continue to use the Business Objects for analysis across the enterprise (fields such as SCM, CRM, Logistics, Costs, Finance).

Efficient Data Storage

Sybase IQ ensured analysis of large amounts of data. “The significant thing, among others, was that even without major adjustments of the model, we were able to achieve the results of database queries 20-50 times faster. This was possible thanks to the specific and efficient data storage and indexing structure in the Sybase IQ server. The key advantage of a Sybase IQ server over traditional data servers, is the huge reduction in disk space occupied by the data,” explains Romuald Gacka from COIG S.A.

Successful Upgrades

Selection of the Sybase IQ platform was a natural continuation of earlier Sybase product applications. “In general terms, implementation of a solution replicating an already existing system allowed our company to enter the domain of OLAP solutions. It was possible without undertaking risks related to the handling of major difficulties and problems. This kind of approach allows easy assessment of differences in capacity resulting from application of a dedicated analytical server. At the very start of implementation, we have a ready-made and proven design, allowing easy comparison of work inputs required to implement various technologies,” says Zygmunt Choma from COIG S.A.