Lindorff, Norway’s largest customer services organization, couldn’t analyze customer behavior and potential with its existing data warehouse. Using Sybase® technology, Lindorff was able to analyze the profitability of its 8,500 corporate customers and develop strategic customer management plans.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers 90 percent improvement in query response times
  • Offers immediately actionable marketing information
  • Enables rapid implementation
  • Provides open framework

Sybase Technology

  • Sybase IQ
  • Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio™
  • Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise
  • Sybase PowerDesigner®


Financial Services

Servicing the Public Sector 

Established in 1898, Lindorff provides decision support, customer development and payment monitoring to many of the leading Nordic companies. The company focuses on the banking, insurance, energy and telecommunications industries, and it’s the leading supplier of services to the public sector in Norway.

Heavy merger and acquisition activity greatly expanded Lindorff’s customer base, requiring a data warehouse that could discover customer details. It needed a state-of-the-art data warehouse to provide actionable marketing information.

Sybase Delivers an Off-the-shelf Solution 

The new data warehouse, built with Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio (IWS), Sybase IQ, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) and Sybase PowerDesigner, delivers reports utilizing data from both accounting and the debt collection systems. Querying is dynamic, allowing users to concentrate on the “what if” questions needed to help predict future conditions.

Lindorff already had a successful working relationship with Sybase, and so it made an early decision to go with the Sybase IWS. 

“There wasn’t really any competition to Sybase IWS,” said Bjorn Bentzen, IT, Lindorff. “Maybe IBM—but we knew that IBM wouldn’t do as good a job of cooperating with the Sybase technology that was already in place, whereas the IWS, in fact, could work with anything.” 

Lindorff saw the need for a full enterprise solution: “The thing about Sybase IWS was that it was really an off-the-shelf solution with most of the work done for us,” Bentzen said. “We could concentrate on the creative use of the data warehouse and making it fit our own, very specific business environment.”

Ready for the Future 

After implementing the Sybase solution, Lindorff now has a common standardized data warehouse architecture set up to handle any future growth. 

“Our response times are now 10 percent of the previous levels,” Bentzen said. “In a recent project, we updated 10 million records in 10 minutes—we couldn’t do it at all before! The impact on our users has been tremendous.”