PowerDesigner History

Owners, Names and Versions History of PowerDesigner

PowerDesigner History
Date Owner Product Name(s) Comment
1989 SDP AMC*Designor 2.0 The first commercial is release in France by SDP (Suresne), under the name: AMC*Designor 2. The “OR” stands for Oracle, the first database targeted by SDP.
1992 SDP S-Designor 3.0 SDP expands their business abroad and publish a first version dedicated to the US market called S-Designor 3. The main reason for a different version is that the most popular analysis methodology in France at that time (MERISE) was not used in the US, hence a different set of models and features for both products.
1995 PowerSoft PowerDesigner PowerSoft acquires SDP in 1995 and renames S-Designor to PowerDesigner, for a matter of consistency with the brands PowerBuilder and Powersoft. PowerSoft had been taken over by sybase in 1994, and was still operating as a Sybase subsidiary and owner of Powerdesigner at that time. Future versions of the product will be released under the Sybase umbrella, without the name PowerSoft.
1995 PowerSoft PowerAMC AMC*Designor becomes PowerAMC.
1997 Sybase PowerDesigner 6.0  
1997 Sybase PowerAMC 6.0  
1999 Sybase PowerDesigner 7.0  
1999 Sybase PowerAMC 7.0  
2001 Sybase PowerAMC 8.0  
2001 Sybase PowerDesigner 9.5  
2002 Sybase PowerAMC 9.0  
2004 Sybase PowerDesigner 10.0  
2004 Sybase PowerAMC 10.0  
2005 Sybase PowerDesigner 11.0  
2005 Sybase PowerAMC 11.0  
2006 Sybase PowerDesigner 12.0 Metadata mappings and reporting features
2006 Sybase PowerAMC 12.0  
2007 Sybase PowerDesigner 12.5 UML 2.0, ETL, EII (Enterprise Information Integration)
2007 Sybase PowerAMC 12.5  
2008 Sybase PowerDesigner 15.0 Enterprise Architecture Model, customizable frameworks, Impact and Lineage Analysis Diagram, logical data model
2008 Sybase PowerAMC 15.0 Same as PowerDesigner 15.0 made available in French
2011 Sybase, a SAP company PowerDesigner 16.0 SAP acquires Sybase in 2010. As for PowerSoft, the first version is released under the name of the previous owner. Future versions will include the prefix SAP. New Shell, Role based UI, Glossary, Impact analysis on repository, Sybase IQ reference architecture wizard.
2011 SAP PowerAMC 16.0 Same as PowerDesigner 16.0 made available in French
2013 SAP SAP PowerDesigner 16.5 SAP Platform support: SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Netweaver SAP Solution Manager
2015 SAP SAP PowerAMC 16.5  
2016 SAP PowerDesigner 16.6 PowerAMC is no longer available as a separate product. The features of the 2 editions were similar for several years. They are now delivered with a single installer, but the user can choose the installation language.