PowerDesigner Success Stories

PowerDesigner Eliminates Data Inconsistencies and Deficiencies

This organization was asked to provide consistent views of all data both conceptually and physically. Then from these views describe and define data elements to model and enterprise data model, build common definitions for like elements and increase data quality thereby ensuring a successful merger and acquisition process and delivery of member benefits.


PowerDesigner allows us to fully benefit from offshore resources for decision-making projects.


Lindorff, Norway’s largest customer services organization, couldn’t analyze customer behavior and potential with its existing data warehouse. Using Sybase® technology, Lindorff was able to analyze the profitability of its 8,500 corporate customers and develop strategic customer management plans.


Sybase technology has added a new dimension to our business—we now quickly generate any type of reporting data our executives need within minutes. Previously, reports were impossible or took a full day to generate.

People’s Republic of China Ministry of Railways

With more than 72,000 km of railway, China has one of the largest railway transport networks in the world. When the country’s Ministry of Railways undertook the monumental task of modernizing its paper-based ticketing system, it chose Sybase.

Pennsylvania’s State-of-the-Art Court System Built with Sybase Database Products and Professional Services

Sybase ASE, Replication Server and PowerDesigner Help Reduce Risk and Increase Quality for 8100 IT Users of the Pennsylvania Judiciary


The significant thing, among others, was that even without major adjustments of the model, we were able to achieve database queries that are 20-50 times faster

Dexia Bank

Supplies real-time responsiveness - Provides central, consistent manageability - Enables quick response to the constraints of the business